ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hits close to home for Indians’ catcher Sanchez

INDIANAPOLIS – In all honesty, you would probably pick out his nails before the initials.

Standing in front of a couple of cameras Friday afternoon at Victory Field, a reporter asked Tony Sanchez about his fingernails which were colored in bright yellow and pink.

“It’s making sure the pitchers can see my fingers,” said the Indians’ catcher of the unique paint on his nails.

Indeed it was the most obvious thing that a casual fans might notice about his attire on this afternoon. But a closer look at his glove reveals a much deeper story–one that has created one of the biggest social media phenomenons of the year.

The first set of letters are “DK” for Dick Kelley, a former Boston College sports information director who died of ALS in 2014. Below that is “EC” for Evan Chambers, a prospect in the Pirates’ minor league system who died in his sleep in December 2013.

“That one stung. You see someone your age go to bed and not wake up and that really puts things in perspective,” said Sanchez.