Olivia Wilde Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Breast Milk?

New mother Olivia Wilde joined the growing ranks of celebrities who have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but she decided to do it her way: with icy breast milk. That was what she at first claimed it was, anyway, claiming that she could not “find any water.”

Olivia Wilde (Her, House), 30, is a major advocate of breastfeeding and she has been often photographed with her four month old baby, Otis, in the act of breastfeeding him. In September, a naked Wilde posed with Otis in glamour magazine, doing just that. The bucket of breast milk that the actress poured over her head as she was standing on the rooftop of an apartment building in New York City looked big enough to contain at least five gallons of the stuff.

She declared that it took her “all night to make this.” Olivia Wilde even shared a video of her taking the challenge in slow motion, which is below. The short video was posted to YouTube by her fiancé, Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum, Jason Sudeikis.

Then, Olivia Wilde challenged Prince, women’s rights advocate Gloria Steinem and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker to take the challenge. There has been no word yet if any of them have taken her up on the challenge.

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